Paper Submission Guidelines for Authors

For paper layout guidelines, please see:

SECON 2008 Manuscript Preparation Instructions

Authors must strictly adhere to the paper layout guidelines (including the 9-page limit). NOTE: Manuscripts that do not conform to the above formatting guidelines (PDF format, 9-page limit, margins, font size, embedded fonts etc.) will be removed from further consideration without review.

Submitting your manuscript to IEEE SECON 2008

  1. First, you need to register your paper by December 4, 2007, 7:59 p.m. EST. Afterwards, you will be able to submit the manuscript (file). Please provide a title, abstract and a set of semi-colon separated keywords to register your paper. To register your manuscript, please visit the
    SECON 2008 Paper Registration Page on EDAS.

    Note: You may need to create an EDAS account by clicking here unless you have one already.

    Please select at least ONE and at most TWO topics from the list of possible paper topics.

    Please ensure your agreement and compliance with the SECON 2008 Dual Submission policy. SECON 2008 will strictly enforce the following Dual Submission policy as well as relevant IEEE Communications Society and IEEE policies concerning conference publications(i) Once submitted to SECON, a paper cannot be submitted to another workshop, conference or journal until the SECON acceptance decision is known. (ii) A paper that is under consideration elsewhere, including a workshop, conference or journal, cannot be submitted to SECON. (iii) If material has appeared or is likely to appear in a workshop, the paper should indicate so. This is only acceptable if the SECON paper provides substantial additional results compared to the earlier or pending publication or if the workshop produced no printed proceedings.

  2. Once you have filled out the registration page and clicked on the Submit button at the bottom, you will then be able to upload the manuscript (up to 9 pages, PDF format) in a subsequent screen. You will need to do this by December 11, 2007, 7:59 p.m. EST. This is a HARD DEADLINE. Click on the icon to upload your manuscript.
  3. Upon PDF upload (through website or FTP), you will receive an acknowledgment email which will list printing/formatting problems, if any, detected by EDAS. Please be sure to reformat your manuscript to fix these problems.
  4. Please also note that for SECON 2008 submissions, the author list has to be disclosed fully on the manuscript with current affiliations of each author and all author names listed on EDAS to help identify conflicts. The author list cannot be changed after the decision process in case the paper is accepted.
  5. The 9 page limit for manuscript submissions is strict. No exceptions. You can refer to tech reports on the web in your paper, but in your own interest, you want to keep the paper self contained so that reviewers can appreciate the value of your ideas based on the manuscript itself.

This page borrows heavily from the IEEE INFOCOM 2008 instructions to authors.